Free Music

Here’s some music for your mind, heart and soul. And it’s free, good, and legal, provided by the artists themselves. We’re gonna update often so keep checking back. Download’em quick too cuz many of the links can be temporary (depending on what media the artists/labels use. We’ll take the link out and change the font to gray when they’ve expired). We hope that we’re a good resource for dope hip-hop for you and yours. Enjoy.

R.U.I.N. has released this new album, ‘The Audacity of DOPE’. Get it by clicking here. Note: there may be some cuss words in here.

Orijin has dropped an album produced by Q. Get ‘BREAD Crumbs’ by clicking here.

After a couple years, Eternia has picked the pen back up and released “Final Offering” feat. pHoenix Pagliacci, a tribute to Kendrick Lamar’s “Hii Power”. You can get the track by clicking here. (Note: there is an f-bomb in it.) You can also check the new music video by clicking here.

R.U.I.N. has released this EP before his full length release dropping later this week. G’head and check out ‘B4 There was DOPE (Bonus EP)’ by clicking here. Note: there may be some cuss words in here.

Illect Recordings has released this record of remixes by Sundance. Check it out by clicking here.

Canadian producer and emcee Die-Rek has just released ‘DIENAMICS’ and it’s free to download. Check it out by clicking here.

Check out ‘Cuemonade’, “39 mins of feel good summer music cued & mixed on the laptop” by Clutch. Click here to get it.

As a result of a collab from Shad’s upcoming LP comes this 5 track EP, The Spring Up. If that wasnt’ dope enough, it features DJ Jazzy Jeff and Cadence Weapon. And if that wasn’t ill enough, it’s FREE! Click here.

The Runaway released ‘The Saturday Sonrise EP’ with all beats by S1 and plenty of dope guest emcees. Its his best work yet. Definitely worth checking out. Do that by clicking here.

Up-and-comer R.U.I.N. released his new single, produced by Lex Luthorz. Check out and download free “Cheery-O!” by clicking here.

New EP from Cheno Lyfe. Stream and download ‘Falling Up’ by clicking here.

A trio from the UK, Hawk House (formerly known as A Yellow Man), just released their mixtape called ‘A Little More Elbow Room’. Stream or download it by clicking here.

DJ Houseshoes presents a collection of beats from Dert. Check out info and the soundcloud link to ‘The Gift Volume Two: Dertbeats’ by clicking here.

An album of beats by Clutch, and mixed by DJ Aslan, for you to rhyme over. Get ‘Freestyle Companion’ by clicking here.

A free album from Sev Statik (of Deepspace5 and Tunnel Rats), produced by PJ Katz. Get ‘Sophy’ by clicking here.

A free mixtape from J. Han. Get ‘Art of Starch’ by clicking here.

A free EP from Beleaf of TheBreax. Get ‘Theo’s Gift’ by clicking here.

A free album from Gemstones. Get ‘On The Road To Glory My Story’ by clicking here.

Canada’s Clutch provides the beats for this free collaboration album by MC Forty. Get ‘Sleeping Showers’ by clicking here.

New release from Alert312 of the Humble Beast camp. Check out the deets and the download link for ‘Of Vice & Virtue’ by clicking here.

New release from the Humble Beast camp, the self-titled instrumental album, The Bridge. Check out the deets and the download link by clicking here.

Freddie Bruno remixed Sivion’s ‘Butterfly Sessions’ album. Illect has made it available for free (or a donation). Check it out by clicking here.

Canada’s Yung Saints have dropped a new project. It’s available from Datpiff by clicking here.

JUSTME/MISTERY/PRAYING MANTIS/REZADENT JustMe, Mistery, Praying Mantis, and Rezadent have combined forces to put out ‘The Doppelganger Project’. Get the three track project by clicking here.

Download AON’s #Mosaic 3P by clicking here.

Canada’s own Yung Saints drops a mixtape on Datpiff.com. Check it ‘Untold Stories Of A Churchboy’ by clicking here.

‘Sheff’s Kitchen’ by…..Sheff’s Kitchen. Check the description and download it from our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop by clicking here.

extended playPreview and download for free (or a donation) Clutch’s new release, Extended Play, by clicking here.

Social Club - MisfitsCheck out Social Club’s album ‘Misfits’ by clicking here courtesy of Rapzilla.

NAK fruitsNAK presents his mixtape called Fruits. Check it out by clicking here to go to his Bandcamp page.

customaryNew album from Customary. Check out ‘Cold Drink On A Hot Day’ by clicking here.

nevahurdToronto’s Nevahurd released a free EP for y’all. G’head and get the “Nevahurd Of Me” mixtape by clicking here.

kick in the face ep - jordan santanaCheck out the new EP from Jordan Santana. Get the ‘Kick In The Face EP’ by clicking here.

BoomsdayA dope emcee, Phynite, releases a grip of tracks produced by Dukes Go Up. Check ‘Boomsday’ out by clicking here.

PHILTHYP.H.I.L.T.H.Y. dropped his album ‘A Little Light For You’. Check it out by clicking here.

Spiritual Kung FuA four-track “EP Collaboration by Phirious Beats of Germany and Rezadent of Brisbane, Australia” called “Spiritual Kung Fu”. Click here to check it out.

Manic XILL Clinton and Rezadent are Manic X and they dropped a free album tackling the tough issue of depression. Click here to cop ‘The Diagnosis’.

JGivens has a couple mixtapes out that you can get for free or a donation (and a donation might be nice cuz he’s doing some mission work for the church). Check’em out by clicking here and here respectively.

The ProcussionsFor a few days only, get all albums from The Procussions and newest singles from Mr. J. Medeiros for free! Click on their names for the links and quick, tell a friend.

Our friends over at The Urban Frequency has dropped some hip-hop and R&B DJ’ed mixes. Check’em out by clicking here.

New Christmas track from Canada’s own, Souls Rest. To listen to and download “Fallen Snow”, click here.

Oh it’s that time of year again. Get this Christmas album free from the friends at Illect Recordings. Filled with tracks from various members of their roster, get the album by clicking here.

Remember Arrested Development? A few months ago they dropped a free album in appreciation to the fans. Check out the details and the download link by clicking here.

Australia’s Krosswerdz Recordings has released another free 3-track EP. Check out ‘My City’ by clicking here.

Check this exclusive track from Sphere of Hip-Hop: “DJ Aslan remixes the popular track from Kanye West with production by S1. Derek Minor, Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Andy Mineo and theBREAX are all featured.” Get it by clicking here.

Remember when theBREAX has a partnership with us to bring you their free weekly songs (click here)? Well, Ruslan of theBREAX has dropped a new project with his best works on it. Check out the details and get the free download link by clicking here.

You probably didn’t miss it when Lecrae’s mixtape dropped, but just in case you did, download ‘Church Clothes’ by clicking here.

Our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop let the world know about a new album from Alex Faith. Check out the details and the download link by clicking here. (And while you’re there, check out the new front page of the site. It’s a dope new look.)

Doloto, from the War Tour collective, has dropped a new album as a free download. Check the details and cop ‘Foreign Recipes Domestically Made’ by clicking here.

Clutch has released a new 12-track beat tape. You can download it for free to you can support with a donation by clicking here.

Propaganda has released a new album. Switching between spoken word and raps, with sample-less production from Beautiful Eulogy, this promises to be another great album. Check out more details by clicking here or just straight download it by clicking here.

Remember Jin? He has dropped a new EP. Check out the ‘Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith’ promo video and the download link by clicking here.

Sean Prominent dropped a new single. G’head and get that by clicking here. Check out his other releases too while you’re there.

The Procussions have dropped this album for people to get caught up as they’re making their new one. (It features music from the 14 years before their 7-year hiatus.) Get more info on it by clicking here or just straight download it by clicking here.

Shad has a new EP out for free! Get it here. Check the new video for “A Milli Vanilli” by clicking here.

Prophetic Poetic is proud to release a new song from Woodz featuring Loo. Download “Stained Glory” by clicking here.

Download the new song from Relic, remixed by Muneshine, “Work of Heart” by clicking here. This is hip-hop. Rel drops his new album in early September. Keep an eye out for it.

Do like Shad, Relic, Die-Rek, The Runaway, and The Custodians? Clutch is bringing the heat with remixes to tracks from these talented Canadians. Get the free EP by clicking here.

Krosswerdz Recordings from Australia has recently released a three track EP from Oakbridge. Check out the information on it (including the track with 18 emcees on it) and the free download link by clicking here.

Heath McNease had released a new project. Get “The Weight of Glory: Songs Inspired by the Works of C.S. Lewis” by clicking here. Feel free to donate a little something too.

Mr. J. Medeiros is giving away a couple new tracks. Get “I Hate My Job” featuring Stro Elliot by clicking here. Also get “The Rockies” by clicking here.

Canada’s own Die-Rek has leaked a new track for us from his upcoming EP. ‘Butta Breath’ will drop later this month, but in the meantime, enjoy the single, “Get Up”. Get it by clicking here.

The website Last Lyricists has teamed up with Canada’s own Clutch to bring you a free beat tape and a promo for beats (2 for 1 sale!). Check out both by clicking here.

Canada’s own The Runaway has dropped four new tracks for us. It’s an infusion of hip-hop and folk music. It’s his best work yet. You can get it for free or whatever you wish to donate. Check it out by clicking here.

Free download (or a donation if you like) of Mr. J. Medeiros’ new one “Pale Blue Dot”. Get both the original and the remix featuring Canada’s Shad. Click here.

Sev Statik, of Deepspace5 and Tunnel Rats, just dropped a new EP. Fully produced by Vinylcologist, cop ‘Sinderblock’, for free (or a donation) by clicking here. Don’t forget to tell a friend – or an enemy.

Paradox is now making the album ‘Called To Mind’ free (or if you want, a donation). Check it out by clicking here.

Daring new album from Heath McNease called Thrift Store Jesus. It’s been #1 on Bandcamp for 6 straight days. To peep the tracklisting and the download link, click here. With multiple buying options, you can get it for free, for a donation, or as a package with other great merch

New album from Wonder Brown and MC Forty called Walking Words. To peep the tracklisting and the download link, click here.

New album from Jeremiah Bond called American Idolatry. To peep the tracklisting and the download link, click here.

Two new tracks from dope emcee Phynite. Check out “Fill In The Blank (Pt. Too)” and “(Un)titled” by clicking here.

Caps of Future Shock and Sundance of Boombox Titans are letting people download this for free (or a donation). As if these two dope artists teaming up as the group called 2 Man Trio isn’t enough, this EP features Shames Worthy, Jurny Big, Mikah 9, Sojourn, Pigeon John, and Mikel Anthony. Download “Rocket Surgeons EP” by clicking here.

For a limited time, get all the albums from War Tour Hip-Hop free! Get’em by clicking here. Enjoy.

A new one from Theory Hazit! Download Thr3e for free from Humble Beast by clicking here or buy the CD from Sphere of Hip-Hop by clicking here. This album is produced by Dert of TunnelRats fame. Enjoy!

Amazon.com is providing a Christmas album from Illect Recordings for free. Get that by clicking here. For everyone else in the world, click here to get it for $1 by clicking here. Enjoy and have a merry Christmas!

“Not Like That” is a free unreleased track from Paradox and DJ Sean P. featuring Sivion. Get it from the homies over at Sphere of Hip-Hop by clicking here.

DJ TLO, former DMC and Scribble Jam Champion, has put together a nice little 25-minute mix of guest spots Shad has done over the last couple years. The project is called Besides.Check out more details and the download link by clicking here.

Above is the track “Say Yeah” by Canada’s own, Clutch. From Cram Sessions to having beats underneath Sintax.the.Terrific’s ipoet blog, Clutch is quickly being recognized by many in the game. He’s an up-and-coming producer and emcee that has a love for hip-hop, its past, present, and future. Because of this, it’s not surprising the crew record he’s been able to put together. Over his own soulful beat, the bonus track “Say Yeah” features his own raps, alongside those of Sev Statik, Paradox, MC Forty, Freddie Bruno, reSEARCH, Sintax.The.Terrific, and fellow Canadians Qu-C and The Runaway. Pick-up the free beat tape by clicking here. As a solo artist, part of The Custodians trio, or with the AMU crew, Clutch is a humble man who is always looking to get better. Keep an eye out for him, hit him up for beats, and “say yeah”.

Sean Prominent is an emcee and producer. He’s hip-hop. He’s a man of God. You should check out his new song “Break Of Sean Prominent” over a beat by Relic and with cuts by DJ Versatile. Listen to it and download it by clicking here.

die-rek beat-die-a-logue
Canada’s own Die-Rek brings us his new project ‘Beat Die-A-Logue’. A fitting follow-up to the album he dropped earlier this year, ‘The Die-Version Project’. Pick this one up by clicking here. And if you ever get a chance to catch him live, go!

Get every album by E-Roc for free! Click here. Really. Every. Album.

Sphere of Hip-Hop has let us on to four free beat tapes by Pumpkinfoot. According to PFoot, “these beats are for you, use them, listen to them, do whatever you want with them… they are yours, mi casa, su casa. All are Free Downloads…. it would be sweet to see some mixtapes coming out with these beats on there! :) ” Check them out (and the Sphere of Hip-Hop site) by clicking here.

Playdough and Heath McNease – Wed, White and WuPlaydough and Heath McNease are dropping their new mixtape today! It’s basically them rhyming over their favourite Wu-Tang beats. Get it free (or for a donation) by clicking here. You can also purchase CDs and merch as well. Don’t know who they are? Check out the first leak, “Ol’ Dirty Baptist”, by clicking here and the video promo below by clicking here.

nickels - crying out loud
Nickels is giving away his 2005 album Crying Out Loud for free! Get it by clicking here.

see saw kids
“Xperiment and B. Lewis (See Saw Kids) have put together a little collaborative beat tape for the listeners…Most of the material is over a year old and never been heard so enjoy!” Click here for more description and a link for this free download from Humble Beast.

Cop the 2005 remix release of the 2001 album Language Arts by the group Lojique. Get it by clicking here.

Download “Here Lies” by Paradox & DJ Sean P. This one is the original beat and features Griffin and Canada’s own Relic. Get it by clicking here and putting in an amount, including 0, in the ‘buy now/name your price’ box. If you like it, check out the whole album, Mending. You can stream it and buy it by clicking here. Enjoy and tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

If you don’t know, you can say that you heard it here first. The first single from Canada’s own Clutch called “Highway 75″ for his upcoming beattape. I’ve heard a preliminary version and it’s good. Get it by clicking here. Watch the video of how Clutch found the sample by clicking here. He also sells beats. To buy some for your next project, click here.

Don’t sleep on this guy. Cop a few free projects from Jordan Santana by clicking here.

New album from Praverb The Wyse. Check out the description and cop ‘Professional Hobbyist’ by clicking here.

Click here to check out some mixes from DJ Rhino! He is also the pastor at a “hip-hop church” in Gary, Indiana. Click here for more info on The Revolution Church.

Check out “Otis Elliot” by Stro Elliot (remember The Procussions?). You can get it by putting in an amount in the ‘buy now’ part, including $0 if you like. Enjoy.

Three new tracks from Arkamedes & Playdough, brought to you by Team Omega. Check’em out by clicking here and tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

New beat tape from Deepspace5′s DJ Manwell! Cop The Vision Beat Tape by clicking here. He’ss one of the Mid-West’s top DJs and well known for his high energy presentation. Starting with the foundation of Hip Hop, he mixes in a diverse blend of funk, salsa, reggae, drum & bass, and dub step. He is highly regarded, because of his high production value built upon unique mash ups, combined this with his technical blends – and you have an amazing DJ. Manwell has performed professionally since the year 2000, and within that time, he has toured all across the U.S. He has performed at some top festivals which include Lollapalooza and Van’s Warped tour, where he was the resident DJ for the Skull Candy headphones. He has also of played throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Get the new track “I AM” by Macho of New Breed and Tunnel Rats. His album, Remember will be dropping soon. Get the song by clicking here.

A couple mixtapes from DJ Audible of Urban Arts Outreach. Get Purpose Driven Mixtape by clicking here and Double Feature Mixtape by clicking here. Enjoy and be blessed.

New release from Humble Beast records! Braille’s Native Lungs LP is out now. Check out the video for the first single, “Feel It”, by clicking here and download the whole album by cliking here. All the other projects on the link are free too!

In case you missed it, cop the new mixtape from theBREAX and DJ Wade-O. Click on the album cover to go to our theBREAX page where every Wednesday, they drop a new track for free, either a remix of a song like “Otis” or an original. To get the album, click here.

Humble Beast is marking the anniversary of the passing of their dear friend and label mate Citizen Aim. To honor him they are releasing a collection of his works entitled A Music Manifesto. Learn more about Citizen Aim and to download the album, click on the cover art to the left.

Theory Hazit has dropped a new EP to get us ready for his upcoming LP. Get this one from the homies at Sphere of Hip-Hop by clicking on the cover to the left.

Give’em your email address and get the new leak from Macho (of Tunnel Rats and New Breed fame). This one is called “Persuaded” and featured R. Swift with production by D-Ski aka Ill Eagle. Cop it here.

Get the latest leak, “Old Man Perez”, off of Mr. J. Medeiros’ new album Saudade by clicking here.

A new release from Wonder Brown and Matthew Ronan. This album was made “as a testament to the homies – in faith and love, we found friendship that will last our lives, and in the same manner, we created memories that were worthy of sharing. Please enjoy our good times – As Is.” Download it by clicking here.

Can’t remember if we promoted this before or not, but it’s a dope compilation from Famous 1 Records. It’s called Hip-Hop’s Finest and you can download it here. Enjoy and tell’em Ill Breaks Crew sent ya.

A new track from Shad called “Flawless”. This is produced by Frank Dukes and scratched by the legendary DJ Dopey. It’s on a compilation of Toronto’s finest hip-hop artists. Check the song and the album by clicking on the album cover thumbnail to the left. The album costs money, but the Shad track is free. Take note: at the end of the track is a bonus freestyle by someone else that might be offensive to some listeners.

Paradox and DJ Sean P. have collaborated on an album. Here is a free remix of the track “Here Lies”. It features LA’s Griffin and Canada’s Relic. Click on the picture on the left to go and get that. To cop the full album, go here.

Like beats and scratches? Here’s a leak from DJ Manwell of Deepspace5 from his upcoming beattape, Tunnel Vision. Download “2 Tech’s” by clicking here. Enjoy.

Chef Camer1 has been busy working with his hip-hop coalition War Tour as well as his paint crew Gospel Graffiti. We now to get listen to some of his music – free! Audio Motel is entirely produced by Error 96 and Music Is My Silence, a collection of songs from 2006 to 2010, is produced by himself. Click on their respective album covers to download these two. For more info on Chef Camer1 and music video for the track “Audio Motel”, click here.

Two Canadian downloads from our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop (just bookmark their site). Go get “This Time” from DJ Clutch and “Not For Nothing” from Relic by clicking on their respective album covers. Then go tell a friend.

Illect Recordings is a label that puts out dope hip-hop. They’ve just released their first compilation album and it’s free! Download Mind The Rap Volume 1 from Amazon or eMusic. Enjoy.

Mr. J. Medeiros’s new song “Old Man Perez” is now available for download! If you haven’t heard this song, click here and grab it! This is one of three songs that did not make his recently released “Saudade” album. There is also a track there called “Serious” featuring Stro that you can get too!

New single from NomiS. Preview and download it from our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop here.

Here is the new maxi-single for Alert’s “All I See Is Red”. It includes the single, a couple remixes, a couple instrumentals, and an acapella track. All for free! Watch the music video by clicking here. Enjoy.

Heath McNease has dropped “Straight Outta Console”. Read more details and find the download link at our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop by clicking here.

More DJ Sean P. goodness! He has released a 6-song collection of unreleased material. Download ‘The Good Side’ by clicking here. Also, Sean has dropped the promo EP of Move Merchants for free. You can get it at the bottom of this page. Enjoy and tell him ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

Preview and download free two tracks produced by DJ Sean P. of Texas. The first is “I Spit” off his solo album, ‘Stiles for Miles’. The second is “Live As It Gets” from his group with ManCHILD, Move Merchants, featuring Playdough and Theory Hazit on the raps. You can download each track via the down arrow on the right end of their respective music players.

Michael Manasseh has decided to let us have his latest album for free! Good hip-hop and he’s a dope graphic designer too. Go and get ‘Gradient Skies’ by clicking here.

New mixtape by Sean IS. Read more about it and get the download link through our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop by clicking here.

New leak by Canada’s own Crisis. Preview “Celebration” by clicking here and download it by clicking here. Follow him on Twitter @crisisonline.

For a limited time, Antioch Alumni is leaking this track from Cram Session 7 with Sev Statik, Wonder Brown, Theory Hazit, and NomiS over production by Theory Hazit. Check it out by heading here.

Not an official project, but Cas Metah is giving away nine songs from 2009. More details and the download by going here. Let’em know that ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

Cop the complete BREAX OVER 2 mixtape with DJ Wade-O for free!!! Download it by clicking here. Don’t forget that you can still help them fund their next project by heading here.

Preview and download Canada’s djclutch’s leak “This Time” here. It’s from his upcoming project called An Audio Collection dropping on May 26th. He gets better with each project. Don’t sleep!

A second leak from Mr. J. Medeiros! Download “Neon Signs” featuring Stro from the upcoming album Saudade. Cop it by clicking here.

New free song by theBREAX! Cop “My Last Freestyle”, which is over a beat for the song by Big Sean and Chris Brown, by right-clicking here and hitting ‘save link as…’ You can also check out the music video by going here. As well, get lots of free music from theBREAX on their remixWEDNESDAYS project which we’ve been hosting. Check that out here.

Free song leak by Mr. J. Medeiros! Cop “Nothing Without Providence” by going here. Look for his new album Saudade scheduled to be dropping June 14th, 2011.

Cookbook, of Cookbook and Uno and L.A. Symphony, has dropped a new mixtape called Original Recipes. Download it by going here and tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW.ca sent ya.

To follow up his Say Something mixtape, Jin has released a new EP called Sincerely Yours. Download it from our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop by clicking here.

In honour of his birthday, Wonder Brown is making a leak from his upcoming album available for free. Download “These Games” featuring Playdough by clicking here.

Brothatone just released a project for free download called Mic Check. Get it by going here.

New EP from Sev Statik. Fully produced by Rawthreat, download it off of Sev’s Bandcamp page here. Tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

Who saw this coming? New EP from reSEARCH called ‘Pastlife: Halflife’! And cuz it’s in our ‘free music’ page, you know it’s free! Download it here and tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

Brand new 5 song EP from Alert, available as a free download at Humble Beast or you can purchase at Itunes if you prefer. This is a teaser to hold everyone over while Alert begins working on their full length record. Download it, burn it, bump it, pump it, spread it, tweet it – help us “freely give” this music to as many people as possible. Direct link to download Alert “Red Opus .45″ right here.

Wow, it’s been a minute since we’ve let you know of some free music, eh? Well the wait is over! Canada’s own, Die-Rek, drops a new record on us today (April 5th). 19 tracks, dope guests, and all produced by Die-Rek himself. Click here to access the free download.

“Nothing Without Providence” is off Mr. J. Medeiros’ forthcoming album titled “Saudade”. This single is extra special as it is his first truly independent release after breaking free from Rawkus, Sony, and Quannum Projects. It’s on his own label De Medeiros and it introduces his new production team, “The Stare” (Mr. J. Medeiros, Stro the 89th Key, and Luke Atencio). On first listen you will hear the growth both lyrically and musically, with a stronger voice, heavier sound, and his poetic lyricism carving its own unique path through today’s “Hip Hop”. Get the song by clicking here.

Name Basic’s final album, “Flesh It Out”, is available on bandcamp for free. No final mix or master, but you can get it here.

In honour of Heath McNease’s new release ‘The House Always Wins’, Sphere of Hip-Hop is giving away two previous albums away for free. Go and get ‘Shine’ On by clicking here and get ‘The Gun Show’ by clicking here.

Preview and download the new remix of “Time Machine” (Fresh Kils Remix) from Canada’s own Relic! New EP coming out on April 7th, 2011. Click here.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, download “Truth Be Told” by Oakbridge of Australia! Get it by clicking here.

The creative minds at Syntax Records have come together in full force to create a five song EP entitled “Syntax Records is Justified” inspired by the FX show Justified. Download the free EP by clicking here.

Download Propaganda and Odd Thomas’ new record, Art Ambidextrous, by going here.

A new track from Mr. J. Medeiros featuring the Nigel Bird Trio. You can get “These Hands” free or for a donation (put in $0 or the amount you like) at this site by clicking here.

A blast from the past! DJ Rhino and YSG-Timothy are giving away their 2004 The 2-Man Game mixtape away as a free download. Check it out. Click on the album cover to the left to head over to their bandcamp page to download it.

Lyrics and flow? Check. Bangin’ beats? Check. DJ mixing and blending? Check. The new mixtape from theBREAX is here! It has remixes over some beats like Lil’s Wayne’s “6’7″, Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”, and Kanye’s “Power”. It also has other exclusive original tracks. Find and download ‘BREAX OVER mixtape’ by clicking here.

Humble Beast records is giving away their music for free! A grip of full albums can be downloaded from their site by clicking here

Everyday Martyrs have reloaded the link to their 2006 mixtape album, Def-Defying Mixtape. Get it free by clicking here. Everyday Martyrs consists of two brothers, Griffin and Mouth Warren, of Tunnel Rats and Scribbling Idiots crew, respectively.

Random presents a free, brand new, exclusive digital EP from DJ Promote. It’s five tracks of turntable goodness featuring the talents of Verbs, AntBanx, Kellen Bowhay, Moses Uvere, Swiftstyle and of course, Promote. Click on the album cover to go and get that. Merry Christmas.

New unreleased track from New Breed of the Tunnel Rats crew. Preview and download it by clicking on the picture to the left.

Humble Beast is giving away ‘Precipation – a Soundcloud Collection’. It’s an album of beats and songs by Xperiment. Go to the Humble Beast website by clicking on the album cover.

For free or for a donation, download the “Best of Both Worlds” mixtape by Bizzle and Pretty Willie by clicking here.

Download Motion Plus’ Fun With Motion Plus mixtape by clicking on the album cover. Enjoy and tell’em Ill Breaks Crew sent ya.

Off of Afaar’s new album, Art of Word, here is the next leak: “Motivation”. It’s a single 100 bar verse, just purely spitting fire! Download it by right-clicking on the album cover and then choosing ‘save link as…’. Enjoy.

Soulfficial dropped a mixtape. Check it out. Download it for free by clicking on the album cover and hitting ‘free download’ on their site. Enjoy.

MotionPlus of the Scribbling Idiots crew has treated us all with a track called “Exhibit”. Preview and download it by clicking here. Enjoy and tell your friends.

Playdough - Writer DyePlaydough, freestyle champion and member of the supercrew Deepspace5, has dropped another album. ‘Writer Dye’ is a concept album in which Playdough took lyrics from other bands and genres and turned them into choruses for these 10 songs. Some are word for word, others served as inspiration. Click on the album cover, go to ‘buy now’ and type in $0 to cop that for free.

Cy is generously giving his first album away as a free download! Hosted by Sphere of Hip-Hop, you can download it by clicking on the album cover. Get another album by Cy, Circus World Event: The Ring Leader, by scrolling down the page.

A French DJ and producer duo called Beat Torrent made a remix of Mr. J. Medeiros’ “Target Market” from his album, Friend Enemies Apples Apples. You can download the remix for free from Mr. J.’s site by clicking on the album cover.

ShadowFacts Records is set to release the album ‘Trials & Thorns’ from Vision1 (Details and reSEARCH from the ShadowFacts crew) on November 2nd! To get the free single, “My Music”, head over to their Bandcamp page by clicking on the album cover to the left.

Alabaster Kin - End Of The Road
BillyBo and Change are Alabaster Kin. Click on the cover to grab the lead single off their upcoming EP, ‘End Of The Road’. Enjoy.

Sco*atk is offering up his 2006 debut album ‘Heavy Weight’ for free download. It features DJ Manwell? of Deepspace5, JustMe of Scribbling Idiots, and Sword. Production by himself and Carris of EL*7. Download it free from his Bandcamp site by clicking the album cover on the left. Enjoy.

JustMe of the Scribbling Idiots crew has a new album coming out. In my humble opinion, the whole album is his best work yet. Here are a couple leaks off the album. Both feature and are produced by Deacon The Villain of CunninLynguists. Click on the titles to head to their download pages. Serenity and The Prodigal. Worth the extra clicks.

Tony Stone has produced many beats. Here’s a remix he did for Sho Baraka’s “We Can Be More” courtesy of Sphere of Hip-Hop. Click on the album cover to go get that.

Streetlights is an urban audio Bible that seeks to combine the breathing words of God with authentic and quality music production influenced by the cultures of the inner city. Eclectic Hip-hop beats will be composed as an urban score to the Bible. Download the sampler for free via Humble Beast Records. Click on the album cover for the link.

Sean IS has released Block Music II. A “five-song project covers a range of topics including maintaining personal joy in the midst of adversity and overcoming challenges within the corporate workplace.” Download it free by clicking on the album cover. (This also comes courtesy of Sphere of Hip-Hop, a very dope site). Enjoy.

Our friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop posted the Cy is offering his album, Circus World Event: The Ring Leader, for free in limited numbers. So click on the album cover to the left and download’em quick.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, Die-Rek is offering his mixtape, Die-VersCity with DJ Versatile, as a free download. Both beats and rhymes are by this Canadian hip-hop artist. Check it out by clicking on the album cover on the left.

Prophetic Poetic has released a free download series and here is the final one! With each artist donating tracks, Prophetic Poetic proudly presents: Northern Lights – a Canadian compilation. It features music from Shad featuring Bernadettte Kabango | Relic | The Runaway | ILL Seer & V.S. | N.I.F.T.Y. | Promise featuring Grimace Love & Eternia | Poetic Pilgrims | DJ Sean P. | Brotha SouL | Qu-C | Thought P. | Die-Rek | That Brotha Lokey | The Custodians | The Joe. Also included in this album is the ILL BREAKS CREW Theme Song teaser! Enjoy and share this with others!

Change is offering up his latest EP The Stimulus Plan as a free download. Click on the cover to head over to Sphere of Hip-Hop’s website to download that. Enjoy. Tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

DJ Transform 12.2 out of Calgary, Canada, of the Midnight Prophets Crew, has asked us to let y’all know about their free podcasts. Click on the picture to the left to head over to their site and download those. Tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

Canada stand up! The Runaway is dropping his remix to the “Away We Go”. Cop it for free or for your own price by clicking on the cover to the left.

JahRock’n Productions is bringing you The Lost LP featuring their label roster of HeeSun Lee, SeDa, Chris “Rock” Belmont, and others. Click on the cover to head their Bandcamp page where you can buy the digital download for $0 (a.k.a. free) or whatever you’d like to pay for it.

Get a free download, The Forty Hour Famine Mixtape: Visions For The World, from The Bureau of Australia when you donate $5 or more (in Australian funds) to World Vision Australia. Click on the album cover to head to their Bandcamp site to get that.

Free download from Canada’s own, highly underrated emcee and producer, Relic. Click here for the track “Why The Distance?” off his Note To Self EP. Word is that we can expect new music from Relic in late 2010!

AudioSketchBook Records presents a couple free downloads. The first is This Is For… by Humble Modesto. The second is While I Was Away EP by Legal Alien. Click on the respective album covers to go and cop those.

A couple singles for you. The first is “Gotta Get Away” by Saint Warhead featuring Lauren Light. The second is “Focus Or Fold” by Mark Aurthur featuring Stephen The Levite. Click on the respective pictures to head over to their pages to download’em free and legally. Enjoy.

The world has been waiting and now it’s finally here. Canada’s own Sean Prominent has released The Love Spectacle! Guest spots by Mikey Ital and Zay Zay Redlion. Beats by Sean Prominent himself, Brotha SouL, Relic, and Knowbody. If you don’t know, now you know.

Download the single “Keep It Movin’” from the combo of Mistapool and Jupiter 7 by clicking on the cover, courtesy of Sphere of Hip-Hop. If you’d like to check out a promo video for this single, click here. For a music video of Jupiter 7′s song “Move”, click here.

To commemorate J. Dilla’s legacy, MC (Till) recorded the lyrics from his own album, Beautiful Raw, over Dilla’s masterpiece, Ruff Draft. The result is Beautiful Raw: The Rough Draft Version. To get the free download, click on the album cover.

Canada’s own, ParablePOET, from the crew, Poetic Pilgrims, has a new album out called Matters Most. Click here to download the first single, “Reach For The Sky” featuring Braille. Click here to download the remix to “Why”. These are courtesy of Sphere of Hip-Hop’s Daily Download.

Free mixtape by Toronto’s own, Spoken. We heard about this from our homies at Ginseng Radio. Click on the album cover to head to their page for more details about the album, Up By 13, and a music video.

Nomadic The Journeyman is giving away a few albums: For The Friends, the never before released Banner Of The Blood Stained, Neighbourhood Watch, and The Argyle Pimps. Click on the underlined album title to get those. Enjoy.

Canada’s own, N.I.F.T.Y. (Nubian Intelligence From The Yahweh), is giving away his latest EP called ‘Free’ and a book that he’s written. Get them both by clicking the EP album cover on the left and heading to his site. Tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.

Download the 25-tracks free sampler, Mind The Rap Vol. 1, from Illect Recordings. It’s all in a zip file here.

El*7 is offering up a few free tracks. Click here to head to their Bandcamp page check out their discography section to get them.

In case you missed it, Playdough released a mixtape of his Don’t Drink The Water album. It’s mixed by DJ Sean P. (who nicely put the cuts on our ILL BREAKS CREW Theme Song). Head over to Playdough’s Bandcamp page to cop this free download by clicking here.

Jesus Disciple almost decided to dump most of these songs to move on to a brand new full length album, but then he realized what a waste it would be to never release them, so here they are! Download the album What You Almost Missed: The Mixtape by clicking on the album cover and heading to his bandcamp page.

The new mixtape from the Holy Collective is available for free download. They are a collective of artists from around the world, and consists of multiple groups and solo artists coming together to spread the message of Christ Jesus through the medium of rap music. Click on the album cover to the left to head over to their bandcamp page to cop the mixtape.

The Runaway is giving away the single “Away We Go” from his newest album, Round Two, for free! Click on the album cover to head over to his blog about the history of the song, a video, and the Bandcamp link. Check out the rest of his site while you’re there too. Canada stand up!

Sphere of Hip-Hop has a great MP3 page. You can listen to and download tons of free songs by clicking here: Sphere of Hip-Hop. You’ll also find links to their Daily Download, Podcast, and Radio shows. Dope site for sure.

Download the instrumentals to Dre & Wit Murrary’s album, Hell’s Paradise, by clicking on the album cover. Go there, click on ‘buy now’, and then put in the amount you’d like to pay, even if it’s $0!

Free song by Mr. J. Medeiros and Talib Kwali! Go to this page to listen to it and/or download it.

Nomis of Gallery Drive is dropping his album called Rosario Dawson as a free download! It features such guests as Blame One, Cas Metah, Deadmanwalking, ManCHILD (of Mars ILL and Deepspace5), and iAMe (of Sandpeople/Oldominion). Click on the album cover to head over to the bandcamp site to get that. What are you waiting for?

Mysterium Media Group has released this free download: ‘Graffiti Post Mixtape Vol. 1′ by Soul The Interrogator and DJ Peg. Click on the album cover to grab the zip file and click here to check out Mysterium Media Group.

Calmplex is giving away a couple free downloads. The 1st is a solo album called ‘demoLISTEN’. The 2nd is ‘Thoughtomatic Weaponry’, an EP by the crew G.U.N. To download’em click on their respective album covers. To learn more about Calmplex, click here: www.plexhop.com.

Holyculture.net has a lot of free music available. To go to their website, click the logo to the left. If you want to go straight to some downloads, click on the respective links below.
free music
free mixtapes
audio leaks
free mp3 downloads

Dan “Listener” Smith of Deepspace5 has been spearheading his Talk Music genre for a grip of years now. He is giving away the poems from his latest album, Wooden Heart, for free. Click the album cover on the left to go to the page. Click on ‘digital album’ or ‘buy now’, type in $0 for the amount to pay (of course, you can probably donate something if you like), and have the file sent to your email. Not too much work for some good stuff. It might not be what you’re used to, but it’s good.

In case you missed it the first time, Deacon Music is hosting the supercrew Deepspace5′s mixtape, Blueprint 3 Outtakes. Click on the album cover to go to Deacon Music’s site. They have a free mixtapes to download and interesting articles to read. Click here to download the mixtape zip file directly.


Jordan Santana and Conduct Lionheart (of Legion of Sub Par Emcees) are The Royal Applebaums. Their new album ‘Bipolar Backspin’ is available for free off their site. Click on the album cover (on the left) to head there.


Here are three more downloads that I found over at Ginseng Radio, an “online radio station that focuses on the North American East-Asian culture…and unique Christian content”. They are ‘The 5 Solas’ by S.O., ‘The Illsong Project’ by Twyse and Tee-Wyla, and ‘Hell’s Paradise’ by Wit & Dre Murrary. Click on the respective album covers to go and get the music.

Do you still like free downloads? Check back here often as we try to update often. Dr. No & Dr. Blue: Sojournalism Revisited is a 5-track offering from Sojourn, an original member of the crew, Future Shock. Click on the album cover to head over to his Bandcamp page to get the download.

Inner Sessions – Walk It Out (single) here.

Our good friends at Sphere of Hip-Hop have posted up the link to a 10 minute remix treatment from producer SD. It features Propaganda, Othello, Theory Hazit, Poems and Braille. Click the picture on the left to go to the Sphere page. Enjoy and tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.



Eleven – 11! – free albums from the Canadian hip-hop label, Prophetic Poetic. Click here to go and get the downloads. They include music from The Runaway, ILL Seer, Relic, Promise, Qu-C, Shad, and more!

Canada’s own, Promise, is on a project by Canada’s own, Marco Polo. Their track together, on Marco Polo’s album, is available for download. Click the album cover on the left to head to the site for the link. Tell’em Ill Breaks Crew sent ya.

To hear a full album with an interview and music by Promise, check out Prophetic Poetic’s free giveaway by clicking here to download the zip file.

New track from JustMe: “Just added some rhymes and scratches to what had previously been an instrumental cut off of Peace 586′s heAr album.” Click on the album cover on the left to go to his bandcamp page. Enjoy. And tell’em that you saw it from Ill Breaks Crew!

FREE – New mixtape from Deepspace5 member, Playdough. ‘Bible Bus Mixtape’ is mixed by DJ Sean P. Beats by Just Blaze, Madlib, Rob Viktum, J-Zone, Harry Krum, Ohno, and DJ Muggs. Click the album cover for his page where you can download it.
Check out this hotness: two full album downloads from the Scribbling Idiots crew. Click on the individual album covers to go to the respective websites for descriptions and the download links. Tell’em ILL BREAKS CREW sent ya.


Seriously?! Newly formed label Humble Beast is giving away full album downloads from Odd Thomas, Propaganda, Braille&Symbolic One, Sivion, and Surreal&DJ Balance?! Do not ignore this one folks. These are good albums. Click on any of the album covers to go to the Humble Beast download page and get’em now. (You can donate $ there too.)


New free track from Mr. J. Medeiros. To get “Pink Light” and links to other free music, click here.

Do you like beattapes? Here’s one from Canada’s own DJ Clutch. He’s a member of a few musical projects: Captain Bear, The CDN Custodians (with The Runaway, Crisis, and Qu-C), and The AMU (Altonas Most Underrated). These are a collection of beats that are inspired by everything from Graffiti to Walking to Moving away from people. For a quick sample, click here and then download the album by clicking here.

DJ Digital Josh has more than a grip of free mixtapes and albums for download. Get’em by simply going his site by clicking here.

War Tour is back on the grind with a free 17 track album sampler download featuring new and recently released music from their roster of artists. War Tour is comprised of Bay Area MC’s Jupiter 7, Big P, Chef/Camer1, and new comer Doloto. These guys are no strangers to the game. Combining forces with End of Earth Records, these guys are really looking to push the boundaries of quality hip-hop music. To download the album, go to their site by clicking here.

Sev Statik has done a lot of guest features over the years. Severed Remaynz III is the third collection of those works and he’s now made it available for free! Click on the album cover on the left to go to his site for it.

And in case you missed it, check below for his new EP (released June 2010), School Shooting, and four other albums, all as free downloads!

A brand new EP from Sev Statik, with production by DeeJay Tone. Cop this here for free by clicking on the album cover on the left. Also, check out the four free previous albums by Sev by clicking on the covers below. Big ups to Sev for all the free joints!

Big ups to Sev Statik for making these four albums available for free download! Y’all gotta cop these. Click on each of the four album covers below to go to their respective links.

More free music and a stream of his latest album! Catch these jewels by Relic by clicking here.

DJ Manwell of Deepspace5 has a mixtape available for free. To cop it, check out his Bandcamp page by clicking here.

Cop the Green EP by Malachi Perez by clicking here.

Wonder Brown has generously allowed our ILL BREAKS CREW site to be the first to tell you that he’s offering his album, The Gallows, for any price you like – including free! He’s also granted our request for thoughts about each track. To Wonder Brown, thanks for all this. To e’ybody else, click here.

Jin, known for his freestyle championship on BET’s 106&Park, has a new mixtape out. Download Say Something by clicking here.

It’s nice to peep up-and-coming talent. Check out this track called “Unlimited” by Captain Bear of Canada. About it, they say, ” I know its pretty heavy but I still call it hip hop. Basically, we are a 4-piece Hip-Hop/Hardcore/Acoustic Band from Altona, Manitoba and we are releasing our debut album called The Maiden Voyage.” Download the track by right-clicking on the link here and clicking ‘save link as…’ from the menu.

RELIC! Listen to tracks and download 8 of them free by clicking here.

“Beatsmith Beatdowns” by Chef Camer1 and Ray Vizara, brought to you by End of Earth Records. Click here.

Tha GIM has two free EPs available. Read some info and get the links by clicking here.

Scribbling Idiots are giving away their Idiomatic Mixtape Vol. 1! Cop the download by clicking here: Sphere of Hip-Hop

Great tracks courtesy of Sphere of Hip-Hop:

– JustMe &Cas Metah: Theory Hazit beatdown remixes (2004) – for info and download click here.

- Mike Beats: Euphonic Roots instrumental album – for info and download click here.

- The Custodians: “My Organs Are Yours” – for info and download click here.

Download a track, T.W.O.R. (The Wrath of Rel)”, by Canada’s own, Relic, by clicking here. It’s a dope ode to Big Daddy Kane!

Lots of mixtapes from Sacred Apparel by clicking here. Free, but donations are also accepted.

A free mixtape from Gallery Drive! Cop it for free by clicking here: Super Group of Tomorrow. If you missed the post with their new video, click here: Psycho.

Illect Recordings is offering 6 tracks from 6 different albums here.

Mr. J. Medeiros has just made his 2009 EP “The Art of Broken Glass” free for download. Get it by clicking here. He’s also got remixes available for free download off his site. Click here for them.

DJ Sean P has four free mixtapes to download @ his site: http://djseanp.blogspot.com.

Antioch Alumni is making Cram Sessions volumes 1-4 available for free (or donation). Click here.

Download “Right Out Loud” from Ruslan (of theBREAX) and DJ Rek here.

Stream “Dialogue of the Downtrodden” by Illtripp of Labklik and Deepspace5 fame here.

And get MaxOne‘s Multi-Tasking” by clicking here. Thanks to Syntax Records for providing the link.

Tell your friends, tell your foes. But don’t worry, your mother already knows. haha.

Download “M.A.S.K.” from Strange Fruit Project by clicking here.

Download “Sesame Street Sampler” from Adam L. by clicking here.

Download “American Idols” Mixtape from Jordan Santana by clicking here.

Download “Customer Development” from Jeremiah Bonds by clicking here.

Get the “Sliver LP” from Sev Statik by clicking here.

Don’t miss “Live At The Palendrome” by The Runaway Jam. Get it by clicking here.

Good, free, and legal. There are more coming soon so check back often. And enjoy.

Playdough’s beat-tape ‘Who’s Harry Krum?’ here.

Davey Rockit (f.k.a. DJ EQ) – Broken Heart Beats (an instrumental) here.

Michael Manasseh’s ‘Mike Stands (the re-issue)’ and the instrumental ‘Rocketship Down’ here.

MotionPlus – Heart On My Sleeve EP here.

Surreal – Pardon My Dust here.

Cookbook and Uno Mas (both of LA Symphony) – ‘The Overflow here.

Kaboose – Bits and Pieces mixtape here.

Relic – The Green Light

The new single off of Shad’s new album.

DJ Rhino offering up another Hot Mix @ 6 goodie.

Another free one from DJ Rhino!

Fab Da Eclectic has dropped a new free album.

Ginseng Radio has provided a link to Jerrell’s mixtape, Peanut Butter & Jealousy.

Spoken Nerd – Apocalypse Awareness Day’. If you’d like to see a music video for the track “Snake Assassin” and a short Q&A that he did with us, click here.

Congrats to The Runaway! Canada’s own, The Runaway, entered a contest to win a beat by Theory Hazit. He had to record something over it and won. “Extra Admiration” was the name of the track.

Thrill Da Playa, formally from the multi platinum group “69 Boyz” – User Friendly

DJ Rhino – Hot Mix #15

Darwin James – two albums.

DJ Stibs – The DJ That Lives In The Selahdor Attic”

Freddie Bruno – “The Bruce Lee Mixtape”

Everyday Martyrs – ‘Def Defying Mixtape’

Dert – Talk Strange: A Beat Tape Inspired By Bjork

Cookbook’s “I Love The 80′s” LP

Braille – Box Of History Mixtape

Change’s “The Stimulus Plan” EP

Comunalien’s “Comunique” album

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