Hip-Hop Churches

Below is a list of churches that are hip-hop friendly or wholly cater to the headz. Keep coming back as we will add to this list from around the world as we hear about them. Remember, not any church is perfect, but they are needed to grow spiritually. Check them out by clicking on their names.


Bethel Toronto | Toronto, Ontario
Knowing God, growing the church, and showing Jesus Christ to all.

FreeChurch Toronto | Toronto, Ontario
We exist to develop Christ-devoted, no-nonsense, spiritually mature and motivated disciples.

The Gateway Centre for New Canadians | Mississauga, ON
Opening doors at every life stage and enabling new Canadians and families in transition by offering settlement and support services for every life stage.


The Embassy | Sydney
To revolutionise the community of Canterbury/Bankstown and beyond, through the transforming power of the Gospel.

Krosswerdz | Syndney
The Werd On The Street.


The Elements Church | Bronx, New York
Leading the urban culture to Christ by cultivating relationship.

Life Church Waco | Waco, Texas
A Place Where Life Change Begins.

Freestyle Missions | Atlanta, Georgia
To Impact the Urban & Hip Hop Culture with the Gospel through Outreach, Missions & Discipleship.

Crossover Church | Tampa, Florida
To relevantly introduce the truth of Christ to those influenced by urban/hip-hop culture; as we develop worship, purpose, unity, and leadership in their lives.

The Revolution Church | Gary, Indiana
To relevantly introduce the truth of Christ to the hip-hop culture, developing purpose, unity and leadership, while collectively honoring Christ with our lives.

Sanctuary Covenant Church | Minneapolis, MN
It’s Church With A Beat.

The House | Chicago, IL
We Rep Jesus In All 5 Elements. The House is a hip-hop worship experience.

The Edge | Grand Rapids, MI
To create an environment, in the midst of the hip-hop culture that is transforming individuals, families and communities towards Christ -centered living.

The Underground | Burbank, CA
To evangelize and develop mature, “on fire” disciples by passionately teaching the Word of God and creatively using Rap, R&B, Dance, Video and Drama.

Tha MYX Dallas | Dallas, TX
A transformed people transforming society.

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