Thank you for visiting our page. However, head over to the CITY LIGHTS website to see the new adventure @ TheWordBecameFresh.ca. It’s been dope so far as our hip-hop community grows with healing, help, and hope from God. This has been done through some fun times like bowling and hip-hop shows, heading out to bboy competitions and ManifesTO together, and our weekly “hip-hop Bible studies” which comprise of learning about God and prayers. Holla if you would like to come by as you are mos def invited.


You can also find out more about us on our social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. G’head and like/follow us and tell a friend (and an enemy). Let us know if you have any questions, encouragements, and/or concerns about us, life (good and bad), God, etc. or if you just need a listening ear. We’ll hit you back as soon as we can and, with authenticity and acceptance, with as much helpfulness as we can.


And as always, props to God!

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