Hello friends:

One of my hopes with our little Ill Breaks Crew site was to help those in the hip-hop community that don’t know Jesus Christ, to know Jesus Christ. Another was to help get some exposure for some of great talent by Christians, especially Canadian ones, whether they are Christian-hip-hop artists or Christian, hip-hop artists (“with a hyphen or a comma”). This is because whether they are a Christian who makes hip-hop music or Christian-hip-hop music, I think it can help the kingdom of God and the spreading of the Gospel. I want people to hear dope music that is also good for their soul.

Sadly, I do not currently have the time (and haven’t for a minute) to keep up this site or to make it better than it is. However, I have an opportunity now to increase both of the hopes I had with this little site by helping out Sphere of Hip-Hop (click here). I am now their “Canadian contact”. Why Sphere of Hip-Hop will be more advantageous than Ill Breaks Crew is because of many reasons, but here are a few:

- Ill Breaks Crew has 370 Facebook fans and 653 Twitter followers. Sphere of Hip-Hop has 26,700 Facebook fans and 2,940 Twitter followers
– My site has around 1581 visits a month whereas Sphere has 3.4 million average monthly page views/hits and 47,481 average visitors per day!
– Sphere of Hip-Hop serves up podcasts, mp3 downloads, videos, forums, email list, a store, and more!

Thus, I’m going to slow down the Ill Breaks Crew site, but I am glad to be a part of this new team and I hope that I can help out great Canadian, Christian, hip-hop artists and people that don’t know Jesus. (Once in a while, feel free to check back, especially the free music page and our Facebook and Twitter.) I might even stop the site, and as much as I would like to a Canadian site dedicated to Canadians, again, it’s not possible for me right now and joining Sphere of Hip-Hop will be a much better for helping people to know God and some great hip-hop – all 4 elements. Please pray for me to learn it quickly and do it well (I feel like I’m already behind).

I have enjoyed every minute to trying to fulfill the hopes I had through Ill Breaks Crew, both the crew and the website. Thank you all so much for your prayers, participation, support, website visits, sharing our links, the encouraging words, and the sending of material over the years (can’t believe it’s been almost 2 ½ years). Thank you to the Ill Breaks Crew! Even though we disbanded, I hope to see y’all again soon as I miss ya. Thanks to all those who have helped with the technical aspects of this site. Thank you to all the artists that make dope music. Thank you to those in the hip-hop culture, and churches and ministries that have been a blessing along the way. Thanks to God.

For any comments, questions, and such, give me a shout at illbreakscrew@gmail.com.
God bless.

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