Check out this new music video and interview below!

Ill Breaks Crew: It’s nice to see a video like this. What is the concept behind it?

Die-Rek: Well, as you see throughout the majority of the video it is just an “MC” and the “DJ”…not really any gimmicks or catchy story lines to it, just “art “. It’s funny but I was watching some videos the day before I posted mines and I said to myself, “What is different about my video?” ’cause being “different” is what stands out. Then I thought to myself, “When’s the last time I saw a Hip Hop video with the artist just displaying their art form?”. There always has to be some “ooohs” and “ahhhs”, but with the Grown Man Biz video, It was just straight raw flavour, just skillz, lyricism, turntablism, we presented ourselves, who we are, and nothing else! and of course the camera man did his thing to add to it, ha ha ha…

To read the complete Q&A, click here. Thanks to Die-Rek for it! If you like the track, grab the album for free at http://die-rek.com.

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